Release Notes 22.5.16
The following improvements and fixes were made to the Catalyst Portal and Catalyst Mobile App with the release on May 16, 2022: (*Mobile App has been deployed to the App Stores for approval). Please download the latest version of the app ( to experience the app updates.

For info on this release with images to reference changes please view the knowledge base article here:

• SOAP Note Updates:
o We've updated the design of the SOAP Note header information to save space and provide a cleaner look and feel.
o We’ve added a “Credentials” field for each user. Credentials typed in this field will automatically display in the header section of SOAP Note PDFs.
o The line above the session summary information on a SOAP Note PDF has been updated to more accurately describe the information included on the note.
• SOAP Note Template updates do not sync to app on refresh events:
o Changes made to SOAP note templates in the portal will now sync to the app automatically so that users don’t need to remove and re-add a user to update the templates.
• SOAP Note Activity Log Updates:
o We’ve resolved an issue with Date/Time and Location fields on the Activity Log. These fields will now only appear on the activity log if they have been updated.
• Behavior Reduction Tab Not Loading:
o A code change has been made so that the Behavior Reduction Tab will now load as expected.
• Reporting Beta Program Completion Report issues:
o Issues related to archived and deleted data appearing in the Reporting Beta Program Completion Report have been resolved. This report will now include only the appropriate information.
• Incorrect Date appears in Target - Raw Data window:
o A time zone specific issue has been corrected so that data entered via data entry in the portal shows with the correct date
• BCBA and Lead Therapists dropdown are not sorted in Alphabetical order:
o The BCBA and Lead Therapist dropdowns will now appear in alphabetical order in Setup > Demographics

• Video Syncing Issue - Check Back Message Box:
o An issue causing some videos not to sync to the portal when the internet connection was interrupted has been resolved. Videos will now sync from the app to the portal as expected when the device regains an internet connection.
• Existing SOAP Notes fields are updated on the app when the SOAP Note template is modified:
o The fields on SOAP Notes that have already been published will no longer be edited when a user makes a change to the SOAP Note template.
Posted May 18, 2022 - 12:53 EDT
This incident affected: Catalyst.